Meliá Lisboa Oriente

Meliá Lisboa Oriente

Prices and Payments

Are the rates presented per person or per room?

The rates are presented per room.

What are the payment methods for reservation made through our website?

The payment methods for reservations through our website are: Direct payment at the hotel or debit in credit card.

Is the city tax charged?

Yes it is, and it’s not included. Should be paid during the guest’s stay. The value is 2€ per person/night, until the maximum of 7 nights in a row per person/stay.

By what age children do not pay?

Children do not pay until 3 years old (included).

Is a credit card needed to make a reservation?

If it is booked online, yes. If it is booked directly with the hotel, there are other options.

What are the available payment methods?

The payment methods available are: Cash or credit card.

Can I pay with my company’s credit card?

Yes, as long as the credit card legitimacy can be proven.

Is it possible to request a bill in my company’s name?

Yes, it is possible to request a bill in a company’s name.