Meliá Lisboa Oriente

Meliá Lisboa Oriente


What is the check-in schedule?

Check-in opens at 14h. For early check-in, guests should contact the hotel to check availability. Additional costs might be added. It’s possible to relax while enjoying our services : pools, bar, restaurant and welness centre.

What is the check-out schedule?

The check-out is made until 12h. For late check-out, guests should contact the hotel to consult availability. Additional costs might be added. In case it is part of a campaign, late check-out conditions are not ruled by this procedure.

Late check-in. Is it possible to do check-in until what time?

Through the reservation’s guarantee , the check-in can be done anytime.

Is the reception open 24h?

Yes, the reception is open 24h.

Which languages are spoken in the reception?

In the reception we speak portuguese, french, english and spanish.

What documents are required for check-in?

ID card or passport for all guests. Please pay attention to expiry dates.

If I am allergic to an ingredient, when and where do I inform?

You must inform us at the time of booking and be sure to inform the staff member of your allergy whenever you consume something at the hotel.