Quite a few of the 10 million visitors to Expo’98 decided to be “innovative” and come up with their own names for places and attractions. There were some true gems collected by Expo workers, which were made into a booklet entitled “What you never imagined you would hear – the phenomenon of the paranormal visitor”.


Fishodrome/ Fisharium/ Oceanatic = Oceanarium

Stratospheric / Peripheric / Little baskets / Bowls = Cable Car

Toby’s Pavilion / Myopia Pavilion = Utopia Pavilion

Algae and Matrix/ Aqua my Tricks/ Asterix = Acqua Matrix

Sexual Reality Pavilion/ Spiritual Reality / Virtual Virtue = Virtual Reality Pavilion

Sonia Plaza = Sony Plaza

Where are the swimming babies?/Where’s the baby aquarium? = question often asked as a result of the Expo’98 promotional advertisement featuring babies swimming




Visitor no. 1

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