The knowledge of history and of innovation

From the process of discovering and appropriating the oceans – without forgetting the role played by Portuguese navigators – to adventures in the depths of the seas and exploration of its resources, this pavilion depicted the relationship between Man and the Ocean throughout history. Knowledge of the seas was divided into four sectors: ploughing the seas, focusing on impulsion, propulsion, manoeuvring…; researching, analysing physical phenomena; diving, with the evolution of underwater submersion; and exploration, displaying the wealth and potential of the ocean.

Once Expo’98 ended, the Pavilion remained on the path of knowledge, and is now focused on science. The Knowledge Pavilion – Living Science is an interactive museum, with experiments for all ages.

Fact file

  • Architect João Luís Carrilho da Graça
  • Exposition area 5,314 m2
  • Visitors during Expo’98  2,571,912

Garcia da Orta Gardens



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