Meliá Lisboa Oriente

At the centre of modernity. And our memory.

Location is (almost) everything.

Just a stone’s throw from the Gare do Oriente station, the Meliá Lisboa Oriente hotel took centre stage at the greatest event in Portugal’s recent past: Expo 98. Months before the grand opening of the World Exhibition, the hotel opened its doors and was there every step of the way on this great adventure.

Even before it had ended, we were all missing Expo 98. It left an indelible stamp on the Portuguese and visitors from abroad – it was deemed the best Expo ever, a distinction granted by none other than the Bureau International des Expositions.

As a guardian of unique and never­to­be­repeated memories, the Meliá Lisboa Oriente evokes this great moment in time. You are invited to come and travel across the oceans – the theme of the exhibition – and through the architecture which breathed new life into the exhibition site. A modern, grandiose and inspiring space, where you can feel the throb of ideas and a desire for a better world.

At the hotel…

At the entrance, guests are met by a series of ocean aquariums alluding to the theme of Expo 98: the oceans, a heritage for the future. In the reception area, guests can admire the event’s great architectural landmarks drawn on a giant canvas. In the bar, curved, organic forms add body and soul to the drinks bars and ceiling. Here we can also find a reproduction of the Mar Largo stone-paved roadway, created by the artist Fernando Couto, located at Rossio dos Olivais. Finally, the restaurant houses the most iconic symbol of Expo 98: a panel which not only reflects the universality of the event, but also alludes to the exhibition passport, a document given to each visitor in order to collect the rubber­stamps from all the different countries represented.

The communal areas convey the essence of the event, whilst the rooms blend comfort with elegance, inspired by marine environments. The aqua blue of the rooms looking out towards the Tagus and the coral red of the rooms facing the heart of the city, are highlighted by large canvases depicting starfish and striped corals,… Harmony with a whiff of the sea, beckoning guests to come in and relax.

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